Our Vision

Vision of Sri Lanka Dhamma Vihara


Make it the best place of worship and learning of Buddhism that promotes unity, social harmony, multiculturalism, religious harmony and co-existence.

Spread the word of Dhamma and implement a programme that is better suited for the day-to-day life of children and wider community.

Create an environment where the monks as well as wider community could practice principles of Buddhism – meditation, non-obligatory counselling services, library services, disaster recovery assistance, crisis accommodation and lend a hand to people in need of help including new migrants irrespective of religion, colour or ethnicity.

Undertake projects to address issues relating to the Australian indigenous people – mental and physical health, employability, education of children, alcohol abuse, domestic violence etc.

Extend the use of Temple premises to cater for wider community needs – community work shed, community garden, community hall and provision of services such as non-obligatory professional advice, meals on wheels and voluntary labour.

Establish a self-administered network of Buddhist Temples across the world to help each other and undertake humanitarian projects across the world – ‘Help Each Other and Others’.

Establish a self-administered ‘Virtual Buddhist Community’ across the world to positively influence world affairs and share knowledge and services.