The library Mission

The library Mission:


The Library’s mission is to assist the interested general public in Canberra in learning Buddhism, Buddhist Philosophy and Culture by delivering access to the relevant information resources with quality service and facilities.


Library Objectives:

  • To assemble, preserve and circulate, as budget and resources permit, books and other resources necessary to provide literature and information on Buddhism to the general public resident in Canberra free of charge
  • To serve the community as a centre of reliable information on Buddhism and the related subjects
  • To support the educational, civic, and cultural activities of groups and organizations which have close ties to Buddhism and Buddhist culture
  • To support the interested Buddhist and non-Buddhist communities to gain and develop knowledge in Buddhism
  • To seek continually to identify community needs and to provide programs and library services to meet those needs
  • To promote Buddhism among the Australian public by organizing various activities such as religious discussions, seminars and workshops