Library membership

Library membership:

  • The registered members of the Sri Lanka Dhamma Vihara Association of Canberra are automatically eligible for borrowing.
  • Any non member becomes eligible for borrowing after obtaining the library membership. To obtain the membership, the person should provide sufficient evidence to prove that he/she resides within Australian Capital Territory and proof of identity. Permanent residents can join free of charge. Non permanent residents can join after placing a refundable deposit.
  • Accepted forms of identification are
  • Drivers licence
  • Passport
  • Medicare card along with a bank card (credit or savings)
  • Valid proofs of residential address are
  • Drivers licence
  • Lease agreement
  • Council rates notice
  • Electoral enrolment card
  • Utility account notice
  • Patrons who are less than 18 years old should be registered by their parents or guardians providing valid residence details and proof of identity. The parent or guardian is responsible for any material issued to the child.