Welcome to Sri Lanka Dhamma Vihara of Canberra

sldvac-logo170x170On the 1st of April 2007 the Sri Lanka Dhamma Vihara was established in Canberra, Australia. Since its establishment the Vihara has had many successes largely due to the overwhelming support of the small Sri Lankan Community of Canberra. It has been the centerpiece of various programs and activities for the development of Buddhism for the Sri Lankan Community of Canberra.


One of the major programs run at the Vihara is the Dhamma School. This is held every Saturday morning and it encourages young Sri Lankan children to learn the Sinhalese language and most importantly teaches the Buddhism religion. This gives them a better understanding of their cultural beliefs and background. The classes at the Vihara have been a great success with 25 children already enrolled for the classes at the school.

Another initiative taken upon the Vihara is the importance held on full moon Poya days. Every month on Poya day the Vihara is filled with adults and children who observe sil. It has provided a place of worship for those dedicated to the religion and the success is shown.

There has been wide support from the Sri Lankan community in terms of offering the Buddha Puja in the evening of each day. This has been a great achievement considering the small population of Sri Lankans living in Canberra.


The Vihara is concentrating on establishing a library for the Public which will include many books on Buddhism. It is purely looking to help those in the public who want to learn more about Buddhism and its ways.

Another major plan is to increase the number of enrollments in the Dhamma School. It is an important area which the Vihara is looking to develop as young Sri Lankan children are the future, they are the ones that will foster the Sri Lankan culture and it is vital that these cultural teachings are passed on to the next generations to come.


The future of the Buddhist Vihara looks promising. However, this can only occur if we have your support. The Buddhist Vihara would greatly appreciate any donations that could be made to further the development of the Vihara. Donations could be made in terms of Buddhism books for the library or a simple monetary donation could also be made to further the Vihara. It would be greatly appreciated if donations are made to help us develop the future prospects of the Sri Lanka Dhamma Vihara, an important asset for the Sri Lankan Canberra Buddhist community.